Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Play Dates

My dear mother worked - and thus was not around to provide or ferry us to play dates. This was not by choice and I always vowed that I would be around to allow my kids to have and host play dates.

I am so fortunate to have two day a week job - I have the ability to function in the so called real world, I work for two great women. Refreshed, I spend the rest of the week with my loves.

Thursday is play date day.

Cameron has developed a really lovely group of friends - in particular there is this awesome foursome - we all live close by and this foursome comprises of two boys and two girls - nice an balanced.

To make the latest play date more exciting, I made capes inspired from the ever wonderful stitched in time. I made the capes out of calico then appliqu├ęd their initial to each one. When I collected the awesome foursome - I had them spread out over the floor ready for the kiddo's to decorate with fabric pens.

The capes were worn the entire afternoon and through many games of simon said. Great gender neutral activity!

A women possessed

I have developed a quilters callous trying to finish this my first quilt. Here is the reason why - about two weeks ago, I went to the Sydney quilt and stitches show, whilst discussing the use of fabric pens with a seasoned quilter - she warned me of the perils of using fabric pens (even clover) on white cotton. Apparently they leave little brown residual marks, even when laundered. So I went home with the soul purpose of FINISHING,this, my first ever quilt.

The photo's do not show it - but indeed this wise woman was right - unfortunately there are some residual brown marks - however it is slight and my eye does not rest on these mistakes. More importantly my four year daughter loves the quilt and I hope it is in her family for years to come.

Cam bam you're next my love!


This is what I have been making these past few weeks should anyone have questions please ask and I will try and answer.

Sunglasses case

Tape measure cover

coin purse