Friday, May 29, 2009


So my new years resolution (aside from my constant battle with weight) was simple - finish what you start - complete all started projects no matter how big or small. You see I am a project starter, I love the thrill of embarking upon a new journey and consequently found, I had loads of unfinished projects hanging around desperate for an ending.

So here are some of my recently finished projects.

So I completed the smock and whilst the picture is blurry and hopefully disguises my girth. I still feel it is shapeless and makes me look larger then I am - however when my absolutely amazing little boy - who proceeded to tell me how fantastic the dress is - but mum I really can not possibly see how it would fit you as is it not far too large (he got money for the school canteen today for being so dash cute). Well here it is - I will wear it - perhaps not the most flattering but I love that I made it and I love that my kid gets a kick out of the fact I can make stuff. Mum I think you can make anything, he finished up with - I just about emptied the entire contents from my wallet into his eager hands........

The next project finished - is this bag for my wonderful friend JO - I am over enjoyed how this finished up and my normal critical self melted away. Whilst I had never given up cross stitch since I was first taught by my mother and Oma at the age of 8-9. I have always had a project on the go. My resolve to dust off the sewing machine after 15 odd years of abandonment filled me with insecurity.

The thing I love the most about this bag is that upon the release of the sewing machine one of the first books I bought was simple sewing and remember thinking wow how will I ever tackle the all - day tote. Well I even altered it and whipped it up an afternoon. The Panels were hand embroidered first - with inspiration provided from the new crewel .

I tend to always use cotton twill for my bag straps - isn't that what twill is made for - But I did line the straps with matching fabric. I used a stiff interfacing to provide a bit of extra shape and form - I also added the top ties to close the tote and all in all I think it makes for a wonderful gift. Off to Leiden it shall go........

So off to finish that quilt before I can start a new project... man I am itching for a new project .

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Newborns, well mine, were easy beautiful creatures - both slept 20 hours a day until about 6months. 2 years fine sunshine. But then 3 hits and I have a stubborn determined monsters on my hand.

But then I look upon this photo and remind myself of the Angel with in and to gather and use my patience. Perhaps the list of things will have to wait while I work out the next dilemma in my little girls life.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lessons Learnt

So I have been taking sewing lessons at the ever wonderful PRINTS CHARMING - it is amazing to work in their studio space soooooo inspirational. Beverly, their teacher, as previously mentioned is incredible with the needle and thread, has guided me from an average sewer to becoming a more then confident sewer.

So after taking the quilting class, we then took, a what ever you want to make class. As the girls had a three week period where we could attend and receive guidance on a chosen project. I wanted to make a smock from a Japanese craft book. Kirsten & Cath, helped chose the linen from their amazing fabric supply- and Beverly showed me the rest.

Here are the key lessons learnt.

1. It is all about the cutting
2. It really is all about the cutting.
3. Just caused something looks good on paper does not mean it will look good on you.

It makes me look rather large and - whilst I am in constant battle weight loss, and yes I am rather large at the moment, this I felt makes me look rather huge. However, once I appliqué the flowers, Kirsten & Cath printed on to the base - and wash it - I am told it will soften greatly.

The overall PROCESS was fabulous and am looking forward to my next class at PRINTS CHARMING.

Perhaps I will wear my creation yet - after I lose a few more kilos