Friday, January 30, 2009

Proud about the boy

He was most certainly ready - I could no longer stimulate him enough , it was time. He nearly ran to the class room, not a tear shed, only hidden silent ones from me (later to erupt in the car on the way home) . Cameron Harry Turner we are ever so proud of you.

the long walk down

Only smiles from my young man

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here a baby, there a baby every where a baby

So it seems in my circle of friends there is a small population explosion - and I promised in moments of weakness to stitch make and create for their precious bundles of joy

Above is a cheats quilt. I sewed linen to apple green flannel - turned inside out - top stitched every where then placed some carefully cut out (er hum nothing is careful with me) trees from Ikea fabric fredericka- a pink bird, some grass stitchin' and Voila'

Next I used this tutorial as guide and mentor to come up with these chenille lined burp cloths

An other hand stitched blanket or bunny rug

Next my labour of love - I used the bird pattern from the Betz White book and kinda of reshaped it a tad. Rather them stitching and turn out - I blanket stitched them completely for looks and embellished them with my own embroidery designs - but I must confess inspiration when I saw these. To create a mobile fit for a princess

Sunday, January 25, 2009


A sentiment that is sweeping the world at moment - no matter how small or how large your hope it is, it occurred to me that there is hope everywhere in our lives. Yesterday we all hoped, prayed and danced to the gods for a cool change as we sweltered in our skins, our house and our garden. No respite given until 6.30pm when the cool change finally blew in.

My little girl is full of hope, hope that her hair will one day grow and demands that her hair be placed in pigtails a somewhat hopeful endeavour.

When I look at my husband and Anneke I feel nothing but joy and hope.

Right now I hope that February is cool and breezy with loads of rain for my hopeful garden !

Thursday, January 22, 2009

impending parties

So we are fast approaching the 3 week period that 3 birthdays occur in our family - and birthdays are a big thing in my family - partly cause we are Dutch and partly cause that was our thang. So Anneke wants a princess party and Cam a pirate and mermaid party. These hair clips are for Anneke's party bag. I got the idea from this tutorial - I used quilting clips instead as there is a hole in the top part of the clip that you canthread through so as to secure the flower rather then using glue. I also gathered the bolttom layers with a small slip stitch to create a more ruffled effect. The tutorial also recommended 10 layers of cloth I used 5-7. Any who I think they turned out just fine.

Cam in his pirate outfit thank you HEMA . Cam is still devoted to all his pretty girly outfits and fuses them together, note the fairy wand - fierce pirate will travel with pink wand.

This sculpture was made from his beloved Santa presents MERMAIDS - he arranges and styles constantly - I just loved this one! The kid has an eye for aesthetics

we still rock

We saw this guy on the weekend and I have to say I really enjoyed myself despite my initial, " I am too old to be at a rock festival"reservations. The event was held on goat island which was just amazing. You can camp there, they even provide the camping equipment should you require it- sounds like a future plan stan. I discovered that despite my decrepit age I am still able to pogo in the mosh pit (tame 30-40 something year olds mosh pit) and LOVE it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

French twist

A wonderful man who was a fashion editor for a Sunday mag - had the good fortune to travel the world to various fashion capitals of the world. After providing him with a fine meal and wine - we talked of our mutual love of Marimekko and his upcoming trip to Finland. After recovering choking on my after dinner from the excitement of possible Marimekko fabric - I felt that enough food and wine had been provided to have the audacity to ask for fabric from Finland.
Well he came back with quite a lot of beautiful fabric.

The precious bundles sat and sat - tooooo precious for a dress for my 2 year now 3 year old - she has so many beautiful clothes. Wall art? I all already have three vintage Marimekko pieces in the kids room. So this book arrived one day and I finally had the courage to turn some of the precious fabric into a boho bag. I'm pleased with the outcome - I must say I read and re-read the instructions a gazillion times before making the first cut. The openings on the sides could be deeper but then would the contents escape?? Tis a fine line. Will definitely use the pattern again for an upcoming birthday present - makes a nice knitting bag.

If there had of been more of this fabric - i would have been tempted to make a skirt for myself

Monday, January 12, 2009

new editions

Dear friends of ours, have been fortunate to be blessed with a little girl - as they are also my son's godparents I decided many many many things need to bestowed upon them and one of these delightful ladies made from the stitched in time (the talented Alicia Paulson) book, is hers. A harder project then I had anticipated - the hair was my undoing and the point at which I cursed - though it is agreed by all around me that it was well worth the effort. These make excellent sending presents, light, unbreakable and fit into a post bag easy peasy.

our next door neighbour offered her help to display the ladies

Sunday, January 11, 2009

a day alone

A whole day and look what I can achieve- I finished a dear friends 4oth birthday present she is Matryoshka - mad and decided to design her an apron fitting for her obsession. quite easy really - I simply drew an outline on the apron with tailors chalk then traced that outline onto baking paper. (BAKING PAPAER is my hero both in the craft room and in the kitchen). Then used that pattern to cut out my shapes and voila. My friend was very happy - she would not let me photograph her face but i assure you there is a big fat smile of appreciation.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It is so darn hot

The sweat is dripping from my babies faces - they are fractious and grumpy. A cool change is predicted this evening. I watch with envy the photo's from my dear friends and family in the Netherlands, full of snow and ice. Perfect day to view the pictures from our recent camping trip to the basin in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
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