Sunday, February 22, 2009


My litttle girl turned THREE and here is my photo journey of the day.

First thing in the morning with her Birthday present from us a pram - I dressed it up with a bit of red and white gingham

HER party dress at the start of the day with only a few stains

Look I can dance

A birthday smile

The party table

Party favours - pencil toppers

The party room with HEMA slingers

A crown for every little girl

Birthday wings

The first guests

Aunty Al gets all the kids dancin

waiting to light the cake

Brother and sister sing Happy Birthday

The Cake

Anneke Turner, Aunty AL Tuner and Grandma Turner

A birthday Cubby House

A great day had by all

Friday, February 13, 2009

noble causes

just a few of the wonderful ideas -just a few of the wonderful people - out there helping. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

and she shall have a wand for her crown

So I decided that now that heat has disappeared, to make wands for the crowns - also to cheer us all up a bit, from the sadness in Australia. I defy anyone not to smile when working with glitter,bells, ribbons and pretty pretty paper. So here is an other wee tutorial as to how I made them. You could use fabric (my original idea) instead of paper - but it was agreed by all that the paper was very very very pretty

The older the helpers the less you would have to do - mine were able to handle the painting and glitter.

I wanted to make some that were not so very girly and that would tie in nicely with the woodland theme.

Blank wands - most craft stores
Paper reasonably thick - I looked in scrap book section of the craft store and found these
MODGE PODGE - other then baking paper the best thing in my craft room
Stanley knife

So gather supplies

I then used glue to strengthen the back as these were very cheap wands and as experience had demonstrated breakages and as I was adding bells and whistles I had a need for durability.

Paint the handle

modge podge the front

Stick front of modge podged wand to back of paper

Once dryish cut out around star shape

Apply an other layer of modge podge

Apply a bit of glitter at the same time - bear in mind this brush will have glitter stuck all through it (lucky for us glitter is very popular in the house)

Add ribbons and bells and store till the party day

Thursday, February 5, 2009

follow up

Here is my little woodland fairy wearing the finished product - now I only have to make an other 1o or so for the party.

I think Anneke looks quite regal in her crown - looking forward to seeing 10 or so kids running around in these things. Must confess inspiration from this place , I even made myself one - which was poached by a friend on a rare evening out.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

something pretty I hope

So here is a wee tutorial of sorts.

Anneke is having a crowning morning tea birthday party and I have decided to provide the crowns. As we have loads of gumnuts in the yard I wanted to think of a way to utilise them in this project. I was hoping to create a woodland fairy kinda thing. If you are in the northern hemisphere I think acorns would look fab.

Silver-coated wire (22 guage)
Wire cutters
Flat-nosed pliers
Assortment Fabric Flowers
Organza strips - I ripped mine into long strips for that rustic touch (5-10cm wide)
Little bells to tie at the end of ribbon streamers

As I am using gumnuts from the yard, I washed them first to make sure there were no tiny spiders and the such. Drill a hole in the top so as to a thread a piece of florist wire through the hole with a loop at the end wire so the gumnut will not fall off when placed on the crown.

Children's heads at four are roughly 50 to 52cm - so I am using a measurement of approximately 150sm of the silver-coated wire to create a circle of 57cm - make a circle twice fold and wrap the final length around the double circle from shape and form

Add the flowers and Gumnuts using the florist wire to keep in place.

Wrap the organza around the crown and use a extra ribbon as streamers (I used a tiny bit of glue at this point) - I have secured bells at the end for a little something extra. Hope this is all clear enough.


make the circle - three stands thick

drill the gumnuts

Thread gumnuts with florist wire

attach flowers and gumnuts

Wrap organza or ribbon around the circle

I have double wrapped this crown

Decorate with ribbon and done