Thursday, January 12, 2012


For many reasons I decided to change to wordpress mainly as I am getting loads of professional work - I will be posting far more regularly this year...... that is the plan

Sunday, November 21, 2010

DAY 20 Be Your Own Hero

Is it a plane? is it a train? is it?????? no its mum with a packet of band aids and a cuddle.

This was one of the surprising aspects of motherhood just what a hero you are to those children ( really giving birth is a heroic act in itself) and how that only remains for a whisper of minute - before you are uncool and quite frankly just a mum who yells and screams for chores to be done.

So my advice to all those about to become mums - nourish this period, guard it and celebrate it.

That's what motherhood amongst the wrinkles and misshapen body has given me -  superhero qualities.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

DAY 19 Take Time Out Often

Rules of engagement for the Turners ultimate day OFF or as we know it the Pyjama day.

1. Make sure there are no activities planned, no guest anticipated and people that arrive unexpectedly leave or join us in a day on the couch.

2. No food preparation should take longer then 10min for the entire day.

3. Showering is deemed unnecessary unless of course you are taking a relaxing soak in the tub only to retire back into your pyjamas

4. Great movies are hired or classics are re run - there is no time limit on TV for this day.

5. Rain is a must on these days

6. blocks for building amazing cities and castles also a must

7. no craft - I do not want to clean up on these days

8. Books loads of books

9. If it is summer loads of mangoes

10. Enjoy

Friday, November 19, 2010

DAY 18 Nourish Your Mind And Body

I love coffee - looooooooooooooooove coffee - like really love coffee and you know what I probably drink too much. But there is something so wonderful about the smell and taste of coffee that tingles and nourishes my soul.  A cup of delicious coffee around the table with friends -  love it. 

Between you and me - I loved my student days hung over clutching a coffee, the paper and a cigarette I felt so inner city art student. Okay the cigarettes clearly had to go - BUT NOT THE COFFEE.

So the above is a homage to what nourishes my mind and body - my work space with bag of coffee in proud display amongst a messy wonderful work table.

Thursday, November 18, 2010




Okay if you are worried about rope and babies - this is not the play mat for you - however my baby the wriggle glow worm that she is has not tangled at all - further more I left the gaps rather small and there is no slack on the rope when the play mat is out -

Okay lets start - I wanted it to like a cracked egg kinda of sort of..

 I cut out two oblong circles approximately 39 inches in in width

I then Cut two other oblong circles 5-6 inches smaller in width

 I cut double thick batting to measure

 Then created the quilt sandwich

 I then free motion zig zag around the edge and inserted twill loop 4inches apart around the entire circumference of oblong circle

 I then free motion quilted the other two circles on top and quilted a flower on the smallest circle - but of course this open to so many wonderful interpretations.


17. Simplicity Is Key

I have decided this is one of my life lessons and the reason I am a day late is I am not keeping it simple - I am frantic busy with projects trying to launch a sewing and craft school- quilt orders - sewing orders - leaving parties arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am in over my head with less then two weeks before we leave - for the Netherlands

On top of the mounting pile of work -  my partner is working crazy busseeee hours and I have done the witching hour on my own now for what seems like forever.  And, now my house is falling down around us the dishwasher has packed it in - the tv antenna broken and no longer picks up digital signals - plumbing issues - garden issues - sewing machine issues blah blah blah.

Last night I watched my kids play - they could play for the Olympics my kids - it occurred to me who cares if I have wash the dishes by had or rather my  husband has to wash them by hand no biggy.  TV - well we do still get the ABC and SBS all we need really . I like watching a movie anyways so we can hire or down load.  Plumbing -  deal with it when we return - my sewing machine (I have three) deal with it when we get back - the ironing I have to get over that (life is tooooooo short to iron as much as I do).

I have to learn to not over commit - KEEP IT SIMPLE INGRID.  But you know what I am the kinda of person that more is more.  You know when I decorate for Christmas it looks like Santa vomited Christmas over my house - when I throw a party I hand make the party favours, you get the picture I make my life overly busy at times.

A bit of simplicity for 2011 - once I take down those Christmas Decorations.....

She keeps it simple oh why can't I

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DAY 15 Embrace Online Business & DAY 16 Believe In Yourself

See for me the two are completely connected a the moment - I am trying to develop a sewing school and craft kinda of business.  Now days an online presence helps enormously -I can direct people to my blog to see my portfolio of work - host tutorials - you get the idea.

Thing is loads of people are doing this now and the trick is to believe in my self not listen to the doubt in my head and go forth - on top of trying to run a house and kids and get ready to go home to mum for 6 weeks in 2 weeks. arghhhhhhhhhhhh I feel overwhelmed and quite scared of the whole process.

You see I am surrounded by writers, costume designers and  many other enormously talented people - not to diminish my talents it is sometimes hard to believe in yourself when you are surrounded by what you consider greatness.

However, I am really trying this time to push it aside and move forth..........

okay I have to finish 3 quilts by Friday so I am off like a bucket of prawns in the Sydney summer sun

Sunday, November 14, 2010

14. Ignore Doubters, Even When They're In Your Own Head

My first thought is don't ignore them - As believe it not I am a very cautious person as are my children - even my long suffering husband is ultra cautious.  We all listen to the doubt in our heads.

The kids do not climb that tree (until they know it inside out)the branch may brake.

I was cautious to write a blog my writing is not as good as my in-laws,  my photo's are not as good as...., my craft could be better get the picture. 

My husband could easily write a book but is paralysed with a mixture of fear and procrastination.

We family listen to voices loud and clear whilst they offer resistance they offer comfort and protection as well.

However - we have lived all over the world - where were the voices then - we threw caution to the wind and had a third baby despite all medical and non medical recommendations not to.  So perhaps I am not as cautious as I think????

Here is the other thing I have been working for two wonderful women who have become advocates for mental health care - when I first read this point I immediately thought of the amazing people I have met with severe depression and mental health issues who can not get rid of the voices and doubters in their head and in fact this is a symptom they should seek immediate attention for.

So where has this diatribe lead me - if I had of listened I would not have this - my Sarah Ruth Turner - I am thankful we ignored the doubters cause I am a Queen as I have the three best kiddo's in the world (of course they do not include yours cause we all have the best kiddo's)