Thursday, November 18, 2010

17. Simplicity Is Key

I have decided this is one of my life lessons and the reason I am a day late is I am not keeping it simple - I am frantic busy with projects trying to launch a sewing and craft school- quilt orders - sewing orders - leaving parties arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am in over my head with less then two weeks before we leave - for the Netherlands

On top of the mounting pile of work -  my partner is working crazy busseeee hours and I have done the witching hour on my own now for what seems like forever.  And, now my house is falling down around us the dishwasher has packed it in - the tv antenna broken and no longer picks up digital signals - plumbing issues - garden issues - sewing machine issues blah blah blah.

Last night I watched my kids play - they could play for the Olympics my kids - it occurred to me who cares if I have wash the dishes by had or rather my  husband has to wash them by hand no biggy.  TV - well we do still get the ABC and SBS all we need really . I like watching a movie anyways so we can hire or down load.  Plumbing -  deal with it when we return - my sewing machine (I have three) deal with it when we get back - the ironing I have to get over that (life is tooooooo short to iron as much as I do).

I have to learn to not over commit - KEEP IT SIMPLE INGRID.  But you know what I am the kinda of person that more is more.  You know when I decorate for Christmas it looks like Santa vomited Christmas over my house - when I throw a party I hand make the party favours, you get the picture I make my life overly busy at times.

A bit of simplicity for 2011 - once I take down those Christmas Decorations.....

She keeps it simple oh why can't I


  1. You need to remember Ing that its about balance, if it wasnt complex enough we would be bored stupid. I think we should settle for bloody complicated but with good Ikea storage *waggle eyebrows*

  2. To find the positives in such a run of unfortunate incidents is so wonderful Ing.
    A similar thing happened to a heap of our household items at once and you know what it's been a godsend.
    Only last night Cpt. V and I were commenting on the lovely noise that was eminating from the kitchen as the two eldest washed up after dinner, singing and laughing as they went. It used to be fights about whose turn it was to do 'the top' etc.
    Our upstairs plasma died and now we have an antiquated tv downstairs which has meant less tv viewing all round = yeah!
    The blender died and Cpt. V bought another and it is REMARKABLE which has meant we have had THE most delicious fresh fruit juices most mornings and speccy milkshakes for afternoon teas.

    Anyhoo this is a big ramble when I should have been keeping it simple.
    One line that really popped out in your post today is that your kids could play for the Olympics. I really loved that and hope that they keep this quality as they get older.

    Big hugs,

    Felicity x