Friday, November 19, 2010

DAY 18 Nourish Your Mind And Body

I love coffee - looooooooooooooooove coffee - like really love coffee and you know what I probably drink too much. But there is something so wonderful about the smell and taste of coffee that tingles and nourishes my soul.  A cup of delicious coffee around the table with friends -  love it. 

Between you and me - I loved my student days hung over clutching a coffee, the paper and a cigarette I felt so inner city art student. Okay the cigarettes clearly had to go - BUT NOT THE COFFEE.

So the above is a homage to what nourishes my mind and body - my work space with bag of coffee in proud display amongst a messy wonderful work table.


  1. I have a dear friend whom I've only met in the last three years.
    She too is Dutch and one thing that she loves, and I really mean loves and is sustained by is a great cup of coffee.

    As I drink my coffee short & black, I appreciate her excellent brewing skills and know that whenever I visit that there will be a great cup of coffee and some wonderful conversation waiting to nourish us both.

    Felicity x

    PS I love the sneak-peek into your work zone = fabulous

  2. Hi Ing,
    I just came across this great post and immediately thought of you

    Felicity x

  3. great minds i saw and thought WOULD love to get organised enough next year to do this - sooooooooo pretty all the fabrics nice and neat a vision of glorious splendour